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ToyBox International is a charity dedicated to supporting Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children.

ToyBox Mission: To light up the faces of Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children.  

ToyBox Vision: To create Australia’s most successful fundraising organisation for children in need by providing a high quality communication platform that engages the Australian community.  

To fulfill our mission we will purchase vital equipment and therapy to conquer the challenges life has brought these children; fund incredible escapes so they can enjoy welcome distractions and inspiration to make their journeys easier; fill essential grants that support their families and allow them to be by their child’s side for comfort; and fund necessary research so that future generations will not faces these challenges.

We work alongside reputable children’s charities nationally to identify specific grants that need filling and then fund these grants. This way we can report back to our supporters on where their funds have gone to make a difference.

ToyBox plans to excite its supporters with a fresh look at charity fundraising, to give Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children a very bright present and future.