Hot Wheels - Jayden

A bright red and yellow Skippi is set to create some happy, precious memories for Jaydan and his family.

Amongst all of the high fashion, cool gadgets and luxe artworks that adorn Box Magazine’s glossy pages, it can be easy to forget the real impact of every subscription. But a powerful, heart-warming reminder came when the ToyBox team delivered a Skippi, an electric wheelchair, to four-year-old Jaydan. “Jaydan’s face was priceless when the wheelchair arrived. He was so happy, and ever since he realized that he could drive it [himself] he hasn’t looked back,” explains his mum Jemma. For the little trooper who has already undergone two open-heart surgeries, this is a mobility independence that he has never enjoyed before. 

Jaydan’s Complex Congenital Heart Disease and DiGeorge Syndrome affect his lungs immensely. He must be attached to an oxygen supply 24 hours a day and often struggles to breathe. After a series of procedures earlier in 2013, doctors discovered that the major arteries supplying oxygen to his lungs were deteriorating. The family was advised that there are with no further options for surgery or treatment. “The news was absolutely devastating,” admits Jemma. “We have always known that Jaydan was on palliative care, but this news has taken all of our very last hopes away.”

Despite the magnitude of his conditions, the bubbly boy is incredibly social. He loves to play with his friends at kindy, and collect honkeynuts or rocks at the park. But Jaydan’s lack of oxygen gives him little stamina and he can only walk short distances. “He wants to keep up with his friends on the playground, but is totally reliant on someone to carry him there or push him in his wheelchair and carry his oxygen bottle,” Jemma says.

The Skippi will open up a whole new world of fun for Jaydan, allowing him a little more freedom with his friends at playtime. “It’s going to give Jaydan independence. He can start to make his own decisions about where he wants to go in the playground,” says Jemma. “This is life changing.”

While Jaydan does not have cerebral palsy, the Center for Cerebral Palsy was instrumental in helping the family find the perfect electric wheelchair. With their lively little boy now zipping around in a bright Skippi, Jemma and the family are focusing on the joy in each and every moment. “We really want Jaydan to get the most out of every day. Our greatest is wish is to create happy family memories with Jaydan as a part of it.”

Troy Barbagallo