Customised Wheelchair Delivery

Thanks to the generous guests and contributors at the 2014 ToyBox Ladies Lunch hosted by Nolita in Claremont, ToyBox International was able to purchase three customised mobility devices for families in need who have children living with cerebral palsy.

One Pride Q610 mid wheel drive power chair that uses the most intuitive drive style available and can turn on the spot, drive in tight and normally inaccessible places, plus is great to look at! As well as two Pride Sparky Rear wheel drive power chairs for adventurous boys and girls with large rear and front tyres that equate to unparalleled freedom on hard floors, grass and dirt.

These chairs have the ability to give toddlers a whole new lease on life and a chance at increased development, independence and fun!

The funded chairs have been imported from the UK and just arrived into Perth and to celebrate the handover of them to the three families, ToyBox International hosted a Morning Tea at the Barbagallo Ferrari show room on Monday May 5th with the generous individuals who contributed to the fundraising at the lunch.

Joining us was the families we have met through the Centre for Cerebral Palsy with their child who was fitted in their chair funded by ToyBox International. The kids took their new chairs for a little spin for the very first time and as soon as the child moved the chair on their own the whole room applauded!

Troy Barbagallo