ToyBox Morning Tea For Telethon Speech & Hearing Donation

Thanks to the support and generosity of our donors at the 2015 Royal Queensbury Championship event, ToyBox International have funded $60,000 worth of Telethon Speech and Hearing child therapy grants for local children who suffer from hearing impairment or speech and language difficulties.

To celebrate this donation, ToyBox International hosted a morning tea for the donors to view a class and take a tour of the facilities. Telethon Speech and Hearing do incredible work to help kids with these difficulties by running playgroup classes for 0-4 year olds that are specifically focused on developing their communication skills. This age bracket isthe critical period in developing speaking and hearing skills, making these groups vital for helping children who suffer from hearing impairments and language disorders. Here kids and their families have access to small and intimate group sessions guided by a team of professionals including speech pathologists, psychologists and occupational therapists.

Troy Barbagallo